Frank Haith and Former Miami Hurricanes Coaches to to Be Charged with Unethical Conduct, Reports Say

Though, the NCAA still has not delivered the official notice of allegations to the University of Miami, several details have started to leak out.

Frank Haith, the former men's basketball coach who is now at the Missouri, in particular is said to be charged with "unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance" by the NCAA. Three of his former assistant coaches could also face similar charges.

The development confirms speculation last week that the coaches involved in the Nevin Shapiro, almost all of whom have since left the school, might have just as much to worry about as the coaches hired since and left to rebuild the mess.


Haith faces the unethical conduct charge because the NCAA believes that payments to his assistants that Haith said were for basketball camps ended up paying Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, CBS reported, citing an anonymous source. Shapiro's mother told the NCAA she received the payment.

The "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance" charge stems from airline travel his staff gave to two players' families, as well as allowing contact between Shapiro and players during recruiting trips, according to the report

According to CBS Sports, former Basketball assistants Jake Morton (now at Western Kentucky), Michael Schwartz (at Fresno State), and Jorge Fernandez (most recently with Marshall) could also face similar charges.

CBS reports that the NCAA was unable to prove Nevin Shapiro's claim that he paid the family of DeQuan Jones $10,000 to commit to the university.

Meanwhile, former Football assistant coaches Charlie Hurtt (currently at Louisville) and Aubrey Hill (most recently at Florida) could also face unethical conduct charges.

CBS also adds that the actual letter of allegations will not be delivered to the school (as well as all those named in the allegation) as soon as originally thought. "Procedural inquirers" may delay the delivery for up to two more weeks.

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