Florida Man Arrested for Serial Gropings: "If You Don't Touch Ass, You're Crazy"

A lot of odd things happen in Florida every week. On Friday, we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: a creepy YouTube confession, a woman who took parenting classes from Don King, and a man who tried to escape police on his hoverboard.

In YouTube Video, Man Creepily Brags About Groping Women
On March 25, Davie Police asked for the public's help in identifying a man who had been groping and exposing himself to women in public parks in the city. Less than a week later, they had 26-year-old Ricardo Ruiz in custody. 

As if there was any doubt that the police had their man, during further investigation, they found that Ruiz had recently uploaded a bizarre video to YouTube in which he proudly and unsettlingly talked about his day of groping. 

"I was running up behind her. She looked good, man," Ruiz said during part of the video. "I just grabbed her ass, just grabbed her, and then she turned around. And I was like, 'Why you stop?'

"Man, today was a good... day, touching ass," he said in another part of the video. "If you don't touch ass, you're crazy. That's all I got to say."

Ruiz faces three misdemeanor charges and has already confessed to the crimes. 

Woman Cheers on Teen Daugther During Park Fight
Heather Salerno's 15-year-old daughter got into a text feud with another teen girl. Salerno asked a police officer to get in touch with the other girl and her family to tell her to never talk to her or her daughter ever again. Salerno kept pestering police to sort out the teen feud. Then, April 2, she told police not to worry about it anymore — she had taken care of it herself. 

Turns out Salerno drove her daughter to a park to fight the other girl. 

Video later emerged of Salerno cheering on her daughter while the two girls slugged it out. 

She was arrested and charged with child abuse.
Man on Hoverboard Attempts to Flee Police 
Hoverboards aren't practical for much, especially for running from the law. 

Twenty-year-old Jerome Dennis found that out the hard way. He was spotted by Clearwater Police last Sunday night near a "known drug residence," and an officer noticed he smelled of marijuana. When the cop approached Dennis, he took off on his hoverboard, according to the Smoking Gun. 

Most hoverboards don't travel much faster than a jogger's pace, so the hoverboard escape plan didn't give him much of an advantage. In fact, Dennis abandoned the board and continued to flee on foot. The officer eventually caught him. 

Police found marijuana on Dennis, and he admitted he “messed up because he is currently out on bond for possession of cocaine.” In addition to facing the drug charges, Dennis now also faces charges of resisting an officer. 

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