Five Best Moments From the Heat's Game Three Comeback Win

Happy Memorial Day Miami Heat fans! Let's basketball, shall we? The Heat are back at it tonight at the American Airlines Arena, with tip off set for 8:30. The Heat are in a position to take a commanding 3-1 series lead after a Ray Allen three-point barrage filled fourth quarter led them to a 99-87 comeback win in Game Three Saturday night. A win tonight would move the Heat just one game away from a fourth consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals, as well as just five wins away from the coveted three-peat. Yup, we are pretty spoiled.

Overshadowed by Jesus Shuttlesworth's classic three-point clinic Saturday was the continued superb play of Dwyane Wade. Wade has now scored 23 or more points in four straight games dating back to the series clincher versus the Brooklyn Nets, and has looked healthier than he has since the Heat's 27-game winning streak last season.

Regardless of how the Heat are doing it, and at times it doesn't look so pretty, they are doing it. Saturday night the Miami Heat showed flashes of the team we saw last year, a completely unbeatable passing lane-closing-three-point-sinking machine. When they have a healthy Dwyane Wade and an on fire vintage Ray Allen pair up with the best player on the planet, their play reflects that of a back-to-back champion looking for another title. Now, if only Chris Bosh could snap out of his offensive slump, then things would get real.

So as you're sitting there throwing back a few cold ones, overdosing on bacon, and enjoying not being at work, enjoy some of the most memorable moments from Saturday nights super-enjoyable Indiana Pacers ass kicking.

1. Ray Allen's barrage of three's got LeBron James all the way turnt up.

I dare you to watch that just once, you can't, it's like trying to eat just one Doritos chip, not happening. Ray Allen had just hit his fourth three of the fourth quarter, and it was more than LeBron James's body could take.

2. Roy Hibbert got played by a Heat fan.

"Hey Mr.Hibbert, I'm a huge fan, high-five! Noooooooope, LOL!" This is another example of me feeling bad for Hibbert, then getting mad at myself for feeling that way -- he just looks so sad, I can't help it!

3. George Hill totally took Udonis Haslem's "UD" nickname too far.

George Hill and Udonis Haslem fell to the ground at one point in the game, and Hill was looking for anything to break his fall, so he grabbed Udonis Haslem's dick. Wait, what? Oh, wow, seems like he could have stopped sooner, but it is slow motion I guess. That was awkward, not that there is anything wrong with it.

4. A Miami Heat bro got caught giving Lance Stephenson the finger on TV.

After this was caught on TV by the internet lots of "stay classy, Miami" tweets rolled in. This is the second straight season a Miami Heat fans middle-finger has made the news. I mean, it's not like he threw a beer on Stephenson, not to mention, he wasn't even looking at the guy when he did it. Of course, he tweeted the picture afterwards, and Heat hounds found it in minutes.

5. Jesus Shuttlesworth unleashes a Biblical three-point fourth quarter performance.

Meet Ray Allen, he's 38 years old, likes long walks on the beach, and enjoys sticking clutch threes up opponents asses butt-chug style. My favorite three Ray made Saturday was the, hahahahaha, just kidding, they are all my favorite! I hope when I turn 38 I can do anything as good as Ray Allen shoots basketballs at this age, even if it's just vacuuming or something. I want to be the Ray Allen of something at 38, anything, even scrap booking, or folding laundry.

The Miami Heat face the Indiana Pacers in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight from the American Airlines Arena, tip is at 8:30 p.m., the game will air on ESPN.

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