Albert Pujols Coming to Marlins, According to Celebrity Rehab Patient Doc Gooden

Are the Marlins about to go on a free agent spending spree that would make the Heat blush? Doc Gooden, the slightly disgraced former pitching star who appeared on the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab, reports (apparently exclusively) on his Twitter that Albert Pujols, one of the best players in the game, could be taking his talents to Little Havana if he doesn't get resigned by the St. Louis Cardinals. That's apparently all it takes to get the sports world buzzing.

Here's the tweet:

Regardless of Gooden's status as a non-journalist, the speculative rumors of a Pujols-to-Miami deal have been brought up before. The Palm Beach Post and The Sun-Sentinel have both speculated about the possibility in the past few weeks. ESPN, while reporting that the Marlins could shake their image as payroll penny pinchers, says the team wouldn't rule it out.

Of course, the Marlin's payroll was just shy of $57 million this year. Pujols would demand a salary that would be equal to about a third of that. We've all heard rumors and promises that the Fish would up their payroll when they move into their new home, but this would be a giant move. Though, is it the best move to plunk all that extra salary money down on a single player? Well, we'll have to wait and see if it even happens.

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Kyle Munzenrieder