Wood Tavern's Backyard Closed: "The Fire Inspector Told Us That We Could NOT Open"

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It's damn tough trying keep a bar or club open in Miami.

Most times, as soon as the shine wears off a cool new joint, our city's fickle glitterati and hipster horde simply get sick of the place, dismissing it as "over" and dooming yet another party spot to nightlife oblivion.

But even when a hangout, like Wood Tavern, manages to lock down regulars, cultivate a scene, and seemingly ensure its survival ... There can be serious setbacks.

And yesterday, Wood got knocked with a closure order from the Miami fire inspector, due to a lack of "proper permitting for the outside part of Wood."

UPDATE The bar's owner has met with City of Miami Department of Fire-Rescue officials. And the Wood crew is "trying to reopen the backyard" by February 21.

UPDATE #2 Wood Tavern has announced that it'll be reopening the backyard on February 22 with free tacos and open bar. "Woohoo!!! Tonight!!!"

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Effective immediately, Wood's backyard will be shut down. That means "no Backyard Boogie (my favorite)," owner Cesar Morales lamented via Facebook about an hour ago.

Wood Tavern's Statement on Backyard Closure

*Via facebook.com/woodtavern

Hey Everyone,

I am not sure where to begin other than to get right to it. Since December of 2011 we have tried to get all the proper permitting for the outside part of Wood (ALL of the outside) and its now Feb of 2013 and we have not been able to. Many reasons as to why but no need to get into detail. This morning the Fire Inspector came and told us that we could NOT open the back part of Wood. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the Chief to see if we can open while we finish the permitting processing. Other than that I don't know what to say other than I am deeply saddened by not being able to open and hope that everyone is patient with us while we get through this rough patch. The inside bar will be open as usual.

- Cesar Morales

Of course, it's not uncommon for Miami's bars and clubs to struggle with permitting for special spaces and experience temporary closures by order of the fire inspector.

In 2011, the Electric Pickle was also shut down by the City of Miami Department of Fire-Rescue while sorting out some code compliance issues. In the Pickle's case, the upstairs Bolero Room was the trouble. And the club reopened within a couple of weeks.

So the wait shouldn't be much longer for Wood. (Looking for a true timeline, Crossfade's also contacted the city for comment.) For the moment, though, Cesar and his club are still waiting on their appointment with the inspector.

"The Fire Chief didn't go into office today," Morales just posted to Wood's Facebook page. "We have to wait until Tuesday to meet with him."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.