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Video: Radiohead Fans Unite to Make a Free Concert DVD with the Band's Support

If you've never been to a Radiohead show but have always wanted to see the mastery behind Thom Yorke's softly echoing falsetto, you're in luck.

More than 50 devoted Radiohead fans that attended last year's show in Prague on August 23 filmed the show from different angles in the crowd, and the result is footage that's been edited together to form an amazing DVD filled with snippets from their In Rainbows tour.

What's more, the band provided professional audio from that show for the DVD, so the sound is pristine and professional, though it was filmed by fans. They have zoom ins, and various hand claps and crowd glances throughout, which make for a very personal account of the show. The teaser trailer above really doesn't do the film justice.

The DVD, titled Radiohead - Live in Praha, is being offered for free download in a variety of formats including HD Quicktime, AVI, Apple Movie, iPod, and iPhone at the DVD's website. It's "strictly not for sale"  as it's "by the fans, for the fans," as the DVD's producer, Nataly, mentions. But since the site is running painfully slow (a lot of fans trying to download is our best guess) at present, we found YouTube links to a bunch of the different song clips featured in the DVD. Check them out after the jump, and tell us what you think.

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Christine Borges