Ten Reasons EDM Is the Wimpiest Youth Culture Movement Ever

Ever since the Beat Generation, youth culture in America has been a vibrant and rebellious driving force.

The Beats had risky views on race relations, jazz, and pot. The hippies had psychedelic drugs, sit-ins, and protest songs. Punks had mosh pits, spitting in each other's faces, and rivet jackets. Hip-hoppers had gold chains, breakdancing, and guns.

And what is there today? Ravers and EDM dominate American youth culture, and we're probably the wimpiest generation ever.

It ain't easy being hard when you're rolling face, hugging a Care Bear.

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Kat Bein is a freelance writer and has been described as this publication’s "senior millennial correspondent." She has an impressive, if unhealthy, knowledge of all things pop culture.