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SET Miami Closing For Renovations, Returning in March as an "Intimate Nightclub Experience"

Mansion and Cameo may grab all the headlines, but the Opium Group's other megaclub SET was always about providing ultra-exclusivity and privacy to its VIP clientele.

Like any other South Beach beauty, though, a little nip and tuck is needed every now and then to stay looking "fresh."

So after giving Mansion a 360-degree makeover, which in our opinion was an excellent move, the nightlife conglomerate is moving on to SET. And this week, Opium Group announced the club's "closing weekend." Closing for renovations, that is.

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Usually, "closing for renovations" is South Beach code for closing for good.

But in this case, we trust the Opium Group that SET will return. We even received confirmation via email from spokesperson Vanessa Menkes, who assured us that SET wasn't "closing for renovations." Just closing for renovations with a guaranteed return.

Before Mansion's remodel, SET was arguably the Opium Group's most stunning venue with fire features, chandeliers, and prints that gave the space both masculine and feminine touches. Couches and tables occupied most of the floor space, making a dance floor nonexistent.

It doesn't seem like the remodel will change that particular design feature. But according to a statement from the Opium Group, the vibe will be different.

"Not only will SET look completely different, but it will be different as we focus on first-name-basis service that will change VIP treatment as we know it."

Opium Group adds that it will be a departure from the megaclub format, offering a more intimate experience "where true VIP's pop champagne complete with total white-glove service, catering to the international jetset clientele."

The old SET's final night will be this Sunday, January 13.

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