Oye, Lindsay Lohan! Pitbull Plans to Play "Give Me Everything" at MTV Video Music Awards

After the news of Lindsay Lohan's lame-ass lawsuit against Pitbull leaked across the interweb late last week, it didn't take too long for Mr. Worldwide to respond.

No, he didn't talk shit via Twitter. He didn't toss off an expletive-filled Facebook rant. And he didn't organize a mass album burning of LaLohan's 2004 pop turd Speak.

Pit's too professional for that kind of crap. He simply made plans to perform "Give Me Everything," the song Lindsay's been calling "defamatory," at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Now ... The former teen movie star never wants the world to hear this "disparaging" summer hit again. But if industry estimates are accurate, it seems as though 1.2 billion people will be enjoyin' life and laughin' at Lohan when Dat Lil Chico, his collaborator-slash-codefendant Ne-Yo, and Cubano babe Nayer take the stage at this Sunday's VMAs.

We here at Crossfade just wonder whether Pit will actually utter those hurtful words: "Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoein', to keep flowin'/I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

But c'mon, what are the odds that a Dade County dude named Pitbull's gonna get bullied by a peroxide-fried bimbo with an extra-litigious Hollywood lawyer?

Nada, homie.

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