Courtesy of Laundry Bar
Pack up the suds. Laundry Bar has its last wash.

Laundry Bar Closing For Good -- Sort Of

South Beach venue Laundry Bar is calling it quits. Well, not exactly. The place we come to know as Laundry Bar will in fact cease to exists, but its owners are still planning to keep it as a nightclub -- just with a new facelift and name.

According to Talk Nightlife, the venue will no longer be a laundromat -- no complaints here. I always found it somewhat unsanitary to do your laundry at a bar. And space that could have been used to dancing and the such is taken up by these machines that as of late are rarely used.

There is also the gay sentiment attached to the name Laundry Bar, which was a popular gay venue at one point, but in recent years, the venue sought to diversify the crowd it catered to. Most recently, its been a beloved hang out for locals and the EDM crowd, who were attracted to it because of its bookings, which included the likes of Skream, Stretch Armstrong, Planet of the Drums, Ralph Falcon, Christian Martin and more.

Laundry Bar owner Juan Loumiet confirmed the news but offered little insight as to what the new venue would consist of, saying he'd let the New Times know as soon as he had an official press release put together, adding he was "trying to keep it under wraps."

You can say goodbye to Laundry Bar for the very last time Sunday, August 31, when Nikola Baytala and Michael Louis will spin the venue's final sets. But the wait will be short, as the yet-to-be-named venue will open Friday, September 19, with a set by Planet of the Drums, and a set by DJ Sneak is scheduled for Saturday, September 27.

-- Jose D. Duran

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