Kanye West Bored with Kim Kardashian? Dude Falls Asleep During Date at London Nightclub

What does Kanye West have in common with every other man on the planet who is not having sex with a Kardashian? Exactly ... He thinks they're all boooring.

West was photographed straight snoozing at a London nightclub this past weekend as girlfriend Kim Kardashian gossiped about God-knows-what with some artsy-type dude in horn-rimmed glasses.

According to Media Takeout, "Kim was so boring" that Yeezy "fell asleep on her."

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Do you think Kanye's getting tired of his "Perfect Bitch?"

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Crossfade hopes for nothing but the best for the celebrity couple. After all, we're really looking forward to attacking photographers together, apologizing to photographers, and theme parties at LIV when the pair finally moves to Miami.

But relationships are hard. We get it.

And we understand that if you're dating someone whose life is a friggin' E! Network reality show and a giant chunk of their annual income is generated simply by showing up, odds are that you'll eventually run out of shit to talk about and fall asleep on dates.

Let's just hope Kimye are the exception.

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