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Grand Central Bans Indoor Smoking

The days of dancing in smoky rooms are over, Miami. Or at least in the case that you're dancing at Grand Central.

The downtown concert venue has announced it will no longer allow cigarette smoking inside its hallowed halls. A recent rash of complaints about the smoke-friendly policy convinced management that it's just the right thing to do.

"We discussed it and came to what we think is a fair decision," Grand Central's Mario Arango writes in an email to Crossfade. "By popular request, smoking is no longer permitted inside the venue."

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But don't lose your cool just yet, smokers. Take a look at the language.

You can still get your fix outside on Grand Central's fenced-in back patio, which isn't all that bad. It has a pool table, and you can suck some fresh air between nicotine doses. Cigarettes will also still be smokable in Grand Central's upstairs party loft, The Garret, where there isn't such easy access to the outside world.

"And yes, vaporizers are OK," Arango adds. "The response has been positive overall."

It might miff some smokers. But if anyone else has been avoiding the party for fear of drowning in a sea of sweat and second-hand smoke ... Well, half your problem is solved.

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