Five Art Rock, Electroclash, and Country Suggestions for Next Muppets Tribute Album

Since you obviously have good taste, you must be looking forward to Disney's soon-to-be-classic The Muppets coming out this Thanksgiving.

You won't have to wait till November, though, to conjure up memories of these furry little guys. Pitchfork reported that on August 23, Weezer, Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket, and Sondre Lerche will be contributing to The Green Album (of course), singing old favorites from The Muppet Show.

Now maybe Mr. Bird and Rivers Cuomo will nail the tunes they're putting on this album, but some of those other names, we're not so sure about. In response, we thought to offer five suggestions for musicians that we'd like to hear on the next Muppet tribute album.

5. Peaches vs. Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy singing Peaches' "Fuck the Pain Away" is a show stopper, but how about hearing Peaches sing "The Muppet Show Theme." She'd need to be in full mustache mode wearing a furry disco outfit. Perhaps the tune could be modified to "The Muffin Show Theme." Gross.

4. Man Man vs. "Mahna Mahna"

The Fray are singing the classic "Mahna Mahna" on The Green Album. The Fray? Who are, like, wait ... Who are they? Let's just get Man Man to cover this perfect stoner song. These wild guys would do justice to the incoherent Muppets' 1969 jam. The proof is in the video of their song "Rabbit Habits," which includes two folks who resemble frightening, rabbit-eating muppets. No name change necessary, but Man Man does "Mahna Mahna" sounds like a double M&M, tongue-twisting special single.

3. Elliot Smith vs. "Rainbow Connection"

Remember when Kermit sang "Needle in the Hay" and reenacted the Richie Tenenbaum suicide attempt on YouTube? I know we can't bring back Elliot Smith, but a "Rainbow Connection" by the late artist would really send us running for the sharp objects. It's good to be sad sometimes, especially if it's for music's sake.

2. The Man in Black vs. "Bein' Green"

Johnny Cash appeared with the Muppets in 1980 for an incredible "Jackson" duet with Miss Piggy. We believe that the Man in Black singing "Bein' Green" would be an instant hit. When, or rather, if Cash is brought back from the afterlife for this fantasy feat, we'd like to see him in a green cowboy hat and neck bandana.

1. Beirut vs. "Mr. Bassman"

We'd like to hear Beirut perform "Mr. Bassman." With all those instruments and that timeless sound, they'd pay a super cool compliment to the doo-wop style of the Muppets' song. Make it all soulful and shit. Makeout dance music for sure.

The Muppets were flawless in their musical endeavors, but these covers would undeniably rule.

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