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Drake Says He Moved to Miami to Meet the Woman of His Dreams

When a big-budget tour starts somewhere, the talent rarely shows up early just to hang around town. Of course, you can always grant an exception for Miami, a city that every hip-hop and pop star takes every chance to visit. But it was curious when Rick Ross announced he'd be filming a video with Drake some three days before the beginning of the latter's current tour. How did hip-hop/pop's latest great crossover star have so much time to just hang around, ostensibly out of town?

Turns out, it's not out of town, and the Toronto actor/rapper/crooner is just one of the many of his peers to follow Miami's siren song down south for the longish term.

Of course, throughout his tour-opening show Monday night at the Knight Center, there were plenty of the requisite shout-outs to the city's women. There were also the requisite appearances from 305 stars at both his Monday and Tuesday night shows. On Monday that meant DJ Khaled and sometime resident, Cash Money head Birdman; the next night also saw a guest cameo from Rick Ross as well as out-of-towner Bun B. 

But the piece of between-song banter that drew the biggest shrieks was the announcement that, in fact, Drake now calls Miami home, at least part of the time. "I always felt like I could find the woman of my dreams in Miami," he announced towards the end of the show on Monday. "They said I needed U.S. residence, so I moved here! I think a Miami woman would be the best I ever had...."

And, of course, cue his hit "Best I Ever Had." Sure, that may be a bit of a corny move, but the females in the crowd were eating it up, and no doubt making their surveillance plans. It sounds like he needs a green card more than a girlfriend. So, legitimate citizens, you'll have the home court advantage here. Drake's tour ends in early November. Start sniffing around for him then. 

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Arielle Castillo
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