Classic "Vogelisms" From the Singer of Terror, Playing Culture Room February 16

The Los Angeles-based five-piece Terror formed in 2002, after the '90s golden years when hardcore was still hard. Still, burly frontman Scott Vogel and company have from the beginning fought the good fight, keeping the music pummeling and punishing, but without any of today's trendy death-core trappings. Whenever Terror flirts with metal, it's how it should be done properly in hardcore - with lightning-speed riffs and solos, hearkening back to classic thug-thrash acts like M.O.D.

For being something of lone wolves in a pack of weak puppies, Terror has been rewarded with a fiercely loyal following and relatively high sales for its scene. The band's 2006 album, Always the Hard Way, even hit the Billboard Heatseekers and Top Independent Records charts. Of course it helps that Vogel was long popular for fronting legendary Buffalo, New York bands like Slugfest, Despair, and, most famously, Buried Alive. Live, he is notoriously, gleefully erratic, spewing commands that are collected on the internet as "Vogelisms." Sample: "If you know the words to this song come up and help me sing along, it's called, 'Keep Your Mouth Shut!'" Get more on Twitter at @vogelismsdotcom, or read some more, with complete show info, after the jump.

"I don't wanna turn on the radio and hear some band singing about how some girl hurt them, I wanna hear about how much this world fucking sucks."

"It doesn't matter if you have a dick or a pussy, we all belong here."

"Soundguy, can I get more stagedives in the monitors please?"

"I wanna see you cast a level 7 difficulty stage dive pronto!"

"If you know the words, get up here and sing along with us. This song is called 'DON'T NEED YOUR HELP.'"

"Everyone shouts out the edge kids! Well this one is for the non-edge kids! I used to go see Judge with beer on my breath!"

"Dude, I loved your bands cover of 'Straightedge Revenge.' I would've sang along but I was at the back buying beers."

"More stagedives.... Step up to get your rep up!!!!"

Terror. With Emmure, After the Burial, Miss May I, and Thick as Blood. 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 16. Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $14.99;; 954-564-1074 

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Arielle Castillo
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