Breaking News: Rapper DMX Arrested Today at Scott Storch's House

It's been well-documented that rapper DMX is having  possibly the worst

year of his life. At last count, he'd been arrested seven times in 2008

alone for charges that range from identity theft and animal cruelty to

drug possession and failure to appear in court.

As of this afternoon, DMX (born Earl Simmons) has been arrested once again, this time at the home of record producer Scott Storch. On Friday, December 5th, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona issued a 5,000 reward to anyone who could offer information on DMX's whereabouts after he failed to appear in court earlier that day.


attorney's argued that DMX missed court in Arizona because he was in

rehab. An undisclosed source told CrossFade this afternoon that DMX was

actually in South Florida at the time with a young woman from Miramar

who delivered his baby over the weekend.

Apparently, news of

DMX's whereabouts reached another young female from Georgia who ratted

him out to police in Arizona. Acting on the tip, DMX was picked up this

afternoon by FBI agents at Storch's Palm Island home (a property which

is also currently under foreclosure) and is now being held in the

Miami-Dade jail until he goes before a judge on Wednesday morning. He's

not expected to be offered bond and will most likely be extradited back

to Arizona within 15 days. It's currently unclear if Storch was home at

the time of DMX's arrest.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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