A little rest and relaxation, Miami-style.
A little rest and relaxation, Miami-style.
Photo by Kerry McLaney

The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

The dog days are over, yo! Well, they're over for the next two days, at least. After a strenuous week of hot mamis and papis strutting their stuff on our catwalks for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, we deserve a little R & R, no?

Claro! We've got a nifty list of shenanigans to get into this weekend, including but not limited to parties, farmers markets, and Miami-fied sporting events.

Oye, pero who would disagree that the 305 es la ciudad donde parties follow parties, right? Pachangas line up for us loyal locals like they're at the state fair's kissing booth.

That's just how we do it. Si o si?




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