Skrawberry's Guide to Telling Your Kids You're a Stripper

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I'm a stripper too (don't wanna say which club). I also have two kids and I'm a single mom. My son is going to be 8 years old, and my little girl is 5. So far they don't know what I do to make money, but I think my son is starting to figure things out. He's asking questions more and more, and I'm starting to feel like I have to tell him something. 

I don't want him to hear something nasty from someone else instead of explaining to him how it really is. But I dont know how to explain it so he'll understand. I wondered, do you have any experience with this, or does someone you know? Do you think he's too young to know his mama strips? How would you tell him? And what about my daughter -- when should I tell her, and should it be a different conversation? This has me so nervous!!! 

 Undercover Mama
I myself don't have kids, so I don't have experience with this. But let me start off by sayin' this: Parents can do no wrong in the eyes of their children. As long as you are doing your duties as a parent -- especially as a single mom -- you shouldn't feel the need to explain anything.

Your child is 8. At this point, he shouldn't even know what a stripper is, or even have those thoughts in his head if you aren't exposing him to these things. You better not be leaving dance shoes or work costumes around, or a bunch of $1's, or flyers in which you are exposed, or bringing home random men from the club and havin a bunch of "uncles."

First and foremost, if you do decide to let him know what your job is, start by calling yourself an "exotic dancer" or "adult entertainer," as opposed to a "stripper." He is at the age where you have the power to alter his perception on anything. With that being said, he doesn't have to grow up thinking that strippers are nasty. From what I've seen, children are the reason seven out of 10 dancers start to strip. With no money, and most of the time no education, how are you gonna pay bills and provide for your kids if you are single?

Remember this is just your job. If you feel the need to explain, let him know that "mommy" needs to do the best she can to provide for her kids because she love them so much. And if that means shakin' what she got to get what they want and need to provide a better life, you have to do it. Let him know that it's not a "take your child to work" kind of thing, but it does keep a roof over their head and food in the kitchen.

I have a 8-year-old neice and a 6-year-old nephew. The both of them know that I dance, but I bet you that no one can tell them that I am not the best auntie in the world. I have a pretty open family and we are all close. You ask, do my family, such as mom, auntie, grandparents etc., know that I dance? Hell yeah, they know. But they love me, so they are gonna love and support everything I do. You are your worst critic, but your family is the best, because they keep it real and don't feel the need to sugarcoat anything they say. If they can accept you as a stripper, so can your children. A mother can do no wrong in the eyes of her children, especially if you not only tell them how much you love them, but show them also. I'm not talkin about having them live with your mom while you just provide for them financially; I'm talking about being there for them all the way. Put them to bed. Wake up with them. Help with homework. Answer some of those weirdest questions that kids can ask, all amongst other great things!

If you want to keep your stripper life away from your kids, do just that. Keep everything pertaining to your nightlife away from them. But how are you gonna explain to them once someone else tell him, or if he pick up a small piece of evidence of it and come to you with it? If you tell him, I don't think he'll stop loving you.


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