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Little Haiti Cultural Complex Appoints New Manager

Qunyatta Warren's leadership at the complex signifies a new era of cultural celebration and community involvement.
Qunyatta Warren is the new manager of the Little Haiti Cultural Complex.
Qunyatta Warren is the new manager of the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. Qunyatta Warren photo
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Qunyatta Warren, the newly appointed cultural center manager at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex (LHCC), shares his vision for the institution and the changes he plans to implement during his tenure. Warren, who is also a musician, assumed the role last August. He indicates that he brings innovations, cultural experience, and a commitment to community engagement.

With a career spanning more than two decades as a cultural percussionist and instructor specializing in Haitian, Brazilian, and West African cultures, Qunyatta Warren explains his motivation for taking on the position, "My extensive background in the arts and my passion for celebrating and preserving cultural heritage through the arts made the opportunity to lead the Little Haiti Cultural Complex incredibly exciting."

Warren's leadership at the complex announces a new era of cultural celebration and community involvement. He outlines his key objectives: "I envision the Little Haiti Cultural Complex becoming a hub of cultural celebration and community engagement. I plan to bring fresh ideas and developments to enhance the complex's offerings while preserving its unique cultural identity."

One of the LHCC's primary goals under the new manager is to enhance accessibility to the complex for the community, ensuring inclusivity. He emphasizes, "Enhancing accessibility to the complex's programs and events is my top priority. I aim to create an environment where everyone in the community feels welcome and represented."

In his capacity as an equity and inclusion professional, the Tampa native aims to employ strategies that celebrate diversity and cultivate a sense of belonging. "I plan to partner with local organizations and artists from various backgrounds to showcase a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Additionally, I will prioritize programming that highlights the Haitian culture and the African diaspora while incorporating elements that resonate with different community members," he elaborates. This approach undoubtedly resonates with Warren, given his Haitian-African-American heritage.

Warren emphasizes his commitment to preserving heritage while introducing fresh ideas and influences by acknowledging the unique cultural identity of Little Haiti. "I will engage in ongoing conversations with community members, artists, and leaders to ensure that our programming and events reflect the unique spirit of Little Haiti. By embracing fresh ideas and influences, we can create a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation."

Warren highlights his history of overseeing cultural arts programs and events as evidence of his creative and innovative approach. "Throughout my career, I have successfully organized and executed a diverse range of cultural arts activities and programs," he states. "For example, during my time with Artz 4 Life Academy, I increased community engagement and program enrollment through partnerships with local organizations and arts stakeholders."

Regarding upcoming programs and initiatives, Warren outlines a variety of offerings to engage the community. "We aim to offer a dynamic calendar of events that resonates with a wide audience, from traditional Haitian dance performances to contemporary art exhibitions," he reveals. "Additionally, we will launch community workshops, artist talks, and interactive exhibitions inviting everyone to participate in the arts."

Warren emphasizes the media's significant role in promoting cultural awareness and community engagement. "The media can amplify the complex's activities and messages," he notes. "By partnering with local media outlets, we can share our stories, events, and initiatives with a wider audience, sparking interest and engagement from both the community and beyond."

Warren assumed the manager position at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex after the departure of Sandy Dorsainvil in May 2022, which coincided with Haitian Cultural Heritage Month.

Established in Miami in 2006, the Little Haiti Cultural Complex is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Afro-Caribbean cultures. It includes, among other facilities, the Proscenium Theater, the Caribbean Marketplace, dance studios, and an art gallery.

– Jonet Juste,

Little Haiti Cultural Complex. 212-260 NE 59th Ter., Miami; 305-960-2969;
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