Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Clears Up the Rumors, From Weddings to Jennifer Williams and Wine Throwing

This week, the New York Post released a list of the top 10 most hated people in America. Everyone from Bernie Madoff to Casey Anthony were on that list. At number seven, you will find Kim Kardashian. Say what you will about her, but the girl has taken a reality show and turned it into an empire.

And Evelyn Lozada is following in her footsteps.

It all began four seasons ago when a little show called Basketball Wives hit the small screen. From episode one, Lozada was a fan favorite. With her trucker mouth, her awesome bod, and a love of throwing things at castmates, she quickly helped the show become the highest rated program on Vh1.

Now, four seasons in, she is engaged to the New England Patriots' Chad Ochocinco. She has a spin-off show about their upcoming nuptials, her own make-up line, and as of June 12th, a series of books. In between her many ventures, we got the chance to chat with her about everything from rumors, relationships, and her castmates -- including why there is a speck of hope for her and Jennifer Williams becoming friends again.

Cultist: I have such a girl crush on you, I must admit.
Evelyn Lozada: (Laughs) Thank you. I actually think I have more female fans than males. I love it!

Do you still call yourself a South Beach resident?
Before I got engaged, I was a South Beach kind of gal. I actually live in the burbs by Fort Lauderdale now. Life changed and I had to move to the suburbs.

The burbs will be perfect for a little Ochocinco baby.
If it was up to Chad, I would be pregnant right now. I'm really focused on my career and if I was pregnant, that wouldn't make sense. People literally ask us all the time when we are going to have a child, but who knows? Maybe in a couple of years. I'm 36, so I probably need to figure that out sooner than later.

Speaking of you being 36, you don't look a day over 26.
Stop! I love you. I haven't always had good skin. I struggled with acne my entire life. I don't spend a million dollars on face cream or anything. I have a clean diet, I don't eat meat, I don't drink soda, I work out, I take supplements, I don't sleep with make up, and that is really about it.

Reality TV star, make up extraordinaire, and now, an author. Tell me about your book, Inner Circle: The Wives Association.
It's fiction -- a series of novels. The book is going to be very juicy. It came about because I have always kept a journal, especially in my previous relationship. One day I started reading them and thought it was pretty juicy stuff. A lot of my real life stories are in these books. I wanted to share it without putting the whole truth out there. I would never write a tell-all.

So people looking for you to name names will be disappointed?
I would never name names. That's not really something I would ever do to anyone.

When I interviewed Kesha Nichols, she said she would never date another athlete. They seem to be your type.
Never say never. When you least expect it, things happen. I wasn't looking for Chad, but we met and now we are getting married in a couple of weeks. I have always attracted men of power. It's something that was supposed to happen. Thank God for Twitter, right?

Any tips for any ladies looking for a baller beau?
I met my ex out at an event and then I met Chad via Twitter. If you are meant to meet one, you will. A lot of woman are out strictly for athletes and you may meet one, but keeping one is probably slim to none. It's not easy. But what relationship is? One of my friends' husbands works on Wall Street and that is tough too. When your fiancé looks like Chad and girls are just waiting, that is hard, but it's my life. I know we love each other and we move on from there.

Speaking of girls and Chad, I know a few episodes back you guys discussed cheating. It seemed like something you as a wife would allow.
No, not at all. That conversation was two hours long and you got to see about two minutes of it. I was telling him just like how you can't control what I do out on the road, I can't control what you do. The point of my comment was that with this world that we live in, you never know what is going to happen. I would rather know than not know. People took it as that I am packing him condoms when he goes out on the road. I was just being realistic. So many women turn the other cheek -- that isn't the real world.

Tell me about your new reality show, Chad & Ev.
It's really different from Basketball Wives, thank God. I think the world will get to see a different side of me and a different side of Chad. People will get to see everything -- from the planning to me walking down the aisle.

TMZ reports that no Miami hotel will you let you get married at their establishment.
That's not what happened at all. A lot of high-end resorts are wary about letting camera crews film their staff. It's not because we are Evelyn and Chad, it's that they are looking out for the well-being of their staff. That is what the issue is. It has nothing to do with Basketball Wives. They just aren't comfortable with any reality show filming there.

So, we have finally reached the finale. What are your thoughts on season four as a whole?
I thought season four -- I mean, oh my God. After every season I think, "Wow, that was crazy." Whenever you start filming, you never know what's going to happen. You don't think to yourself, "We are going to do this and this!" All of the situations that happened were real. But did we handle them the right way? Most of the time, no. But I think this season a lot of us have reevaluated ourselves after a few things that happened. I don't think we realized the impact our show had, especially on young kids. We are taking a step back and realizing we need to do better.

Can we expect to see a different Evelyn Lozada Ochocinco in season five?
Evelyn will always be Evelyn. I will always say crazy things. But with things like the wine throwing incident, I really could have killed someone. That was one of those moments where I look back and think, "I could have gone to jail. God, why didn't I handle that differently?" You will never see things like that ever again.

It seems like Royce Reed and Tami Roman have fallen apart.
You can kind of see that at the end of the show and on the finale. Tami has been super supportive of her. Last season, Tami was the only one who would film with Royce. She gave her a story line. She's one of the main reasons Royce remains on the show. Not that Royce has to agree with everything Tami did.... But, the friendship has definitely changed.

Is it safe to say that you, Shaunie, and Tami are actual friends?
Yes. That's an understatement. We aren't just friends for Basketball Wives. We check up on each other, talk weekly, everything. I haven't filmed with Royce for two seasons -- there is no reason to. It is what it is.

Am I stupid to hope for a Jennifer and Evelyn BFF reunion?
You know what? I don't know. I know that is a safe answer. But after the reunion, you will see what happens. I wish you were asking me this next week cause if I tell you too much, Vh1 will be on my ass. The relationship is definitely in a very weird and strange place. There is a lot going on at the moment, outside of the show.

Does time heal all wounds?
Time does heal all wounds. But that doesn't mean you are going to be friends. It means time heals the wound, you shake hands and move on. I am not angry at her. All of that happened months ago, but a lot did happen. If we were ever to become friends again, it wouldn't happen overnight.

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