Aristocrazy Celebrates One Year at Aventura Mall

In 1942, jeweler Emiliano Suarez founded a shop in Bilbao, Spain, that would be the first of many. The Suarez name went on to become one of the biggest fashion houses in Europe. More than 60 years later — and plenty of generations down the line — Emiliano's family created the concept Aristocrazy in 2010. The combination of quality and affordability took the brand worldwide.

The store has 62 locations in their native Spain, three in Portugal, and 18 throughout Latin America. Recently, their U.S. flagship store at Aventura Mall celebrated its first anniversary. 
At a recent event unveiling their new summer collection, creative director Juan Suarez said Miami was the obvious choice in locale for their U.S. entrance. “Miami is a mixture of both the Latin culture the family values we love, while still being American enough to provide us with a new market."

Indeed, everything about store presents a new frontier that is more fun and in tune with a unique demographic. “We wanted Aristocrazy to be more accessible, with quality pieces that were accessible as well,” Suarez continued. At their Miami store, there's something for every budget, with pieces ranging from $50 to well into the thousands. However, lower prices don’t necessarily mean lower quality. “Everything at Aristocrazy is made by hand, just like our pricier pieces would be. We aren’t skimping on quality!” the businessman said.

Suarez added that after celebrating this one-year mark in Miami, he sees the brand expanding further in North America. “We definitely want to expand and are looking at other areas in Miami, as well as on a national spectrum too.” 
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