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Miami Heat's Five Most Fashionable Players

The Miami Heat players have some of the best drips in the game.
Of course Tyler Herro is on this list.
Of course Tyler Herro is on this list. Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images
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From fashionable suits to monochrome sweat sets, professional basketball players have turned their tunnel walk to the court into a fashion runway. With Miami being considered a top fashion destination in the U.S., unsurprisingly, the Miami Heat players have some of the best drips in the game.

From classic chic to Gen Z trendy, here are the top five most fashionable ballers on the Miami Heat roster.
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Victor Oladipo isn't afraid of color.
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular

Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo's Instagram page is filled with his fashionable endeavors. The guard for the Heat describes himself as "clean and comfy," and his style incorporates labels like Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy, usually consisting of a matching set or a simple T-shirt with an elaborate overshirt. Also not afraid of color, his outfits make a statement with flowy lines and standout sneakers; he even collaborated with mall staple Express in 2020 for a menswear collection.
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Tyler Herro follows a Gen Z aesthetic.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Tyler Herro

A favorite among the Gen Z set, Tyler Herro’s fashion is always on-trend. Fuzzy bucket hats, chunky necklaces, oversized shirts, and mismatched colors are all Zoomer trends that Tyler pulls off flawlessly. Though the older generation loves to criticize these fashion statements — or rather, the return of the Y2K style — Gen Z and Herro defend them strongly, continuing to make their mark on the fashion world.
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Jimmy Bulter's style is casual chic.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy “Buckets" Butler always dresses to impress, typically wearing limited designer pieces from fashion houses such as Dior or Saint Laurent. His style is casual chic, incorporating skinny-pant suits, matching jogger sets, and a simple T-shirt and jeans elevated with a statement piece. Amid the Heat’s current hot streak, Butler filed to trademark the name “Himmy Buckets” with rumors that he's starting his own brand and clothing line.
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Udonis Haslem has a classic-yet-elevated style.
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Udonis Haslem

The oldest active player on the NBA roster, Udonis Haslem has a classic-yet-elevated style with a major focus on sneakers and denim. A hometown hero and three-time champion, Haslem almost always reps Miami in some way and is often pictured about town in designer duds. From leather pants paired with a jersey to a Balenciaga suit jacket paired with cool sneakers, Haslem always gives off an effortlessly cool vibe.
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Kevin Love's tunnel style has even been noticed by GQ.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Kevin Love

Kevin is known for keeping his outfits lowkey yet extremely stylish. His tunnel style has even been highlighted by GQ. He wears suits, simple sweaters, bomber jackets, and tailored trousers that are understated and polished. Once in a while, he’ll pop out wearing a trend such as denim on denim or a button-up over a long-sleeve tee with joggers, but he mostly keeps it classic and clean. Most recently, he debuted a second collection with Banana Republic, featuring skinny suits and leather jackets that scream quiet luxury.
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