What to Do in Broward and Palm Beach Tonight

Does bluegrass, punk, and southern rock with a gypsy twist sound interesting to you? If you answered no, move on to the next paragraph. If yes, you'll want to head out to South Shores Tavern and Patio Bar tonight to check out Black Finger. Just watch the video below, and if you're not convinced... there's no helping you.

If you'd rather check out something a little more laid back in an island atmosphere, check out Cutback at Mai-Kai. Just remember to order a couple zombies before the show, and everything will meld together into a sort of hazy rum fueled paradise.

Finally, in the battle of the cleverly named bands, The Talent Farm is hosting The Years Gone By, Hands Held High, Racing Kites, and Planet Parker while Murder at First Sight, Calling all Sirens, The Perfect Defect, A Purpose Driven Life, and These Arms of Faith are playing at Solid Sound Studios.


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