Top Five Miami Heat Haters Who Can Suck It

Top Five Miami Heat Haters Who Can Suck It

Yo, bro! The Heat won!

We are them big two-timers, and you know our boys are going to keep their strong up and come back for another title in 2014. How could it be any other way?

But would you believe it? There are still a bunch of haters out there. No doubt, they're hiding their heads away today, choosing instead to bury them in some shame sandbox rather than indulge in the sunshine-y blaze of our glory.

But here in Miami, we are loud and proud, and you can't get away without getting heckled, just a little bit. So we puttin' the Heat haters on blast.

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Lil Wayne

He be all, "I ain't got no worries," but he didn't seem so mellow when he went off on the whole damn team after a courtside scuffle. Remember when Wayne was all "Fuck Lebron, fuck She-Wade, and I fucked Chris Bosh's wife?" Man, what a go-dumb baby. We may be drunker than hell down here, but we don't forget a transgression, and now Drake can't even get into the locker room to celebrate. Lawlz.

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