Ten Best Girl Bands Ever

Have you heard? Veruca Salt is back.
Have you heard? Veruca Salt is back.

Holy mother of period-prone angst, you guys.

Veruca Salt just got back together and performed for the first time in 18 years on Conan. We were immediately transported to that time when we were 10 and our mom bought us the Eight Arms to Hold You cassette, with the warning not to play it at our friend's houses because there was cursing.

That record changed our lives. We were growing up into little women, looking for the world of rock 'n' roll to save us, but our wide, expectant eyes met only the starshine of men. Some of them were androgynous, but being an androgynous man isn't the same as having a real vagina.

We needed more female rock idols, and Veruca Salt was our first taste of that fem ferocity. Of course, we soon realized there are tons of kick-ass girl bands, especially during the glory days of the '90s. Here are some of our favorites.

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For this list, we decided to stick to bands at least 50 percent female, if not all-girl everything. Sorry then to Garbage's Shirley Manson. You surely (ha) get an honorable mention. And we decided not to take the solo route, so no St. Vincent here.

10. CSS

Back in 2006, this Brazilian dance-punk band had the world jumping up and down to their clean, catchy sound with breakout record Cansei de Ser Sexy, literally translated from Portuguese to "I got tired of being sexy." For those wondering, it's apparently a pull from a Beyonce quote, but it makes a pretty raw name for an all-girl band no matter the origin story. Their song "Hits Me Like a Rock" gets a lot of play from superstar-DJ Dillon Francis. Really, who wouldn't want to make love and listen to Death From Above 1979.

9. Tegan and Sara

These melodic and folksy twinsies had young romantic teenagers crying and dancing at the same time since 1995. They're one of the longest-lasting acts on our list, so kudos to them, although they definitely took a strong EDM-turn with this latest release. In real hipster fashion, we prefer their old stuff, but we'll never turn out back on a sister act that helped raise the water for all lady ships at sea.

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