Ten Best Female Rappers Ever

Ten Best Female Rappers Ever

The rap game is tough. Some might say it's no place for a lady. But those people would be chauvinistic douche popsicles.

The truth is it takes a tough lady to top the charts. At the top, it doesn't matter if you're sexy. You're judged by the content of your lyrics and the freak of your flow.

Only the realest survive. So it's time we gave props to the trill women who've shown just how raw a real lady can be.

Here is Crossfade's Top Ten Female Rappers Ever.

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10. Trina

You know we have to give it up to local mama Trina. She da baddest bitch. You don't want to cross her flow or her attitude. If you're a baller, chances are you can touch, but don't think you're about to pull a fast one. She'll totally eat your face off and do a hit song about what a piece of shit you are.

9. Salt-N-Pepa

Cheryl "Salt" James and Sandra "Denton" Pepa, along with Deidra Roper (AKA DJ Spinderella), helped pave the way for females in the rap game during the mid '80s. They had the right amount of edge and kinkiness to take over MTV, but they kept their strong feminine message positive. Without them, who could imagine a group like TLC? They set the all-girl formula on fire.

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