Miami's 16 Best Latin Rock Bands of All Time

Miami's 16 Best Latin Rock Bands of All Time

While Miami's affinity for pure rock 'n' roll has fluctuated wildly since Hispanic immigration began in the '60s, the genre has still managed to thrive in the 305. As in all instances of assimilation, many first-generation Latinos rebelled against their parents and adopted the sounds of this new country.

In the '70s, though, an interest in their roots drove many burgeoning musicians to mix mom and dad's music with rock. It's been a sometimes erratic ride, musically, for the last 40-plus years, but Miami's remained at the forefront of the Latin rock in the United States. Though New York City and Los Angeles can also lay claim to leading the scene, Miami's proximity to the many varied sounds of the Caribbean and Hispanic diaspora has certainly kept her several strides ahead.

Here are Miami's 16 best Latin rock bands of all time.

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16. Origen

Formed in 2001, Origen's had the pleasure of working with Grammy-nominated producers, released a pair of well-received albums, and enjoyed exposure on Spanish-language television. For a band started by kids looking at music as a hobby, Origen has become a full-time professional gig for this trio.

15. Pepe Alva y Alma Raymi

As a roots musician who traveled between Miami's then-nascent Peruvian community and the Space Cadette Records scene, Pepe Alva long maintained a strong presence on South Florida's music scene. He would eventually drop the Alma Raymi and forge on. But he should have left behind a far greater recorded legacy.

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