Hobie Beach

The clichéd images of children struggling to launch their kites on a windy beach are charmingly sweet. But screw that. This is wild and sexy Miami. Kite surfing, or kiteboarding, a combination of surfing and parasailing, is quickly becoming the hottest trend in extreme sports. Imagine a surfboard that can ride the wind on its parachute sails as well as it rides the waves. No, don't imagine it, live it. Hobie Beach is the place to check out kite surfers turning more heads than the topless bathers of South Beach. In the way of those who indulge in potentially dangerous sports, kiteboarders are a close-knit but friendly group. Visit to check out the Florida Kite Surfing Association. They'll help you with the essentials to get going; Hobie provides the wind and the water.


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