Yoko Matcha Pops Up at Dasher & Crank With a Matcha Pastelito

Yoko Matcha's pastelito.
Yoko Matcha's pastelito. Yoko Matcha
Yoko Matcha, Miami's first specialty matcha café, has found a new home inside Dasher & Crank. Yoko's founder, Chié Dambara, is taking charge of the ice cream shop's café bar, serving a variety of matcha-based drinks and snacks.

"Core to Dasher & Crank's mission is to support and collaborate with Miami's local culinary ecosystem," owner Daniel Levine says. "We typically achieve this goal by creating collaborative ice cream flavors, but recently I've been thinking about how we can do more. We have extra space in our shop that we can share with another brand, so after months of searching, I was able to find the perfect fit with Yoko."

Levine's Wynwood ice cream shop –– known for its whimsical lineup of more than 200 different ice cream flavors, including raspberry wasabi sorbet and mint with activated charcoal –– will churn out frozen creams while Dambara serves food and drink infused with traditional Japanese matcha. She'll offer Latin spinoffs as well, such as the matcha pastelito, filled with white chocolate, matcha, and cream cheese.

"The pop-up is going to last all summer," Levine says. "There is no established end date as of yet, so we'll keep on doing it as long as it makes sense for the both of us."

This isn't the first time Dasher & Crank and Yoko Matcha have teamed up. In late 2018, the two created traditional matcha ice cream using Yoko's matcha. Then, a few months later, they collaborated to create a matcha piña colada for Coconut Cartel's pop-up at the Wynwood Yard.

"Over the past six months, I have fallen in love with Yoko Matcha's products and branding," Levine says. "When I found out her pop-up agreement at Eight Space was coming to an end, I worked quickly to make a deal with her to pop up at our shop."

Highlights from Yoko Matcha's menu at Dasher & Crank include the matcha con leche ($4.50), matcha limonada ($5.50), and a matcha energy shot ($1.50). There will also be espresso-based drinks, including cold brews, cappuccinos, and lattes.

"We’re very excited to join Daniel at Dasher & Crank, not only because of the synergy in our branding but also our mission to serve happiness in a cup," Dambara adds.

Yoko Matcha at Dasher & Crank. 2211 NW Second Ave., Miami; 305-213-1569;
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