The Salty Donut Brings Back Knaus Berry Farm Collab for One Day Only

The Salty Donut Brings Back Knaus Berry Farm Collab for One Day Only
Photo by Donna Irene
This Wednesday, November 7, the Salty Donut will revive its legendary sticky-bun doughnut in collaboration with Knaus Berry Farm. The catch? It's only available for one day — until the special returns in January for a two-week period.

Drenched in a roasted-pecan/toffee-rum glaze and topped with caramelized pecans, the cinnamon-roll/doughnut mashup will make a one-day appearance to celebrate Knaus Berry Farm's season reopening. Cofounders Amanda and Andy Rodriguez will offer up nearly 200 doughnuts using 180 cinnamon buns they've preordered from the farm. There's a two-doughnut limit per customer, and once they're sold out, they're gone until January.

"Usually we can't get our hands on enough sticky buns until January, which is when busy season starts to slow down at the farm," Amanda says. "But this year, we managed to get ourselves just enough to bring back the doughnut for one day."

For those who have never tried this sticky-bun mashup, think of it as a cinnamon roll stuffed inside a doughnut, making the treat larger, stickier, and richer than any other Salty Donut creation. It's nearly twice the size of a regular doughnut from the shop, which basically means it's colossal.

Each one is made by encasing a famous Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon roll inside a thick layer of the Salty Donut's signature 24-hour brioche dough. Then the whole thing is fried, baked, and garnished by hand at the shop.

The sticky-bun doughnut debuted in March 2016. It was the first time the Salty Donut and Knaus Berry Farm, both known for outrageously long lines, teamed up to make their most gluttonous treat to date — which, naturally, resulted in even longer lines. The creation has been a runaway success ever since.

Given the doughnut's labor-intensiveness, quantities will still be limited. Priced at $6 each, these sweet rolls are expected to go fast. In years past, they've sold out every day hours before closing time.

Sticky-Bun Doughnut Collab. 7:30 a.m. until sold out Wednesday, November 7, at the Salty Donut, 50 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-925-8126;
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