Daily/Nightly's daiquiri lineup.
Daily/Nightly's daiquiri lineup.
Courtesy of Daily/Nightly

The Standard Spa to Debut Three-Day Pop-Up Daiquiri Bar

A three-night daiquiri bar is set to pop up at the Standard Spa November 16.

Located in the property's juice café, the bar is the brainchild of Ali Alvarez and Christopher Delvin, founders of Palabar. The two have been hosting a series of 25-seat chef-driven dinners under the name Daily/Nightly. Cocktails have played a large role in the dinners and are now being offered at the pop-up daiquiri bar of the same name.

Each cocktail contains fresh local fruits and homemade syrups. Daiquiris cost $10 each and are available in a host of options, including classic lime; pineapple; the La Finca, with passionfruit-mango jam from Gables Delight, dragon fruit, pineapple, lime, and rum; the Hemingway in Tallahassee, with Florida pomelo juice in place of grapefruit, lime, maraschino, and rum; and the Daily/Nightly, with falernum, orgeat, lime, orange, and rum.

"The classic lime/sugar/rum daiquiri is the foundation for all these variations," Alvarez says. "We took another classic, the Daiquiri Number Five, or Hemingway daiquiri, and switched out the grapefruit for pomelo, chiefly because we have family in Tallahassee with the most amazing wild pomelos that human mouths have ever tasted. It also fits nicely as we are collaborating for the Miami Book Fair.

"At Dutch Kills, where Chris learned most of what he knows about drinks, the pineapple daiquiri reigned supreme," Alvarez adds. "Everyone had their version. For La Finca, we took this delicious, pillowy variation and added some local flavor from the Pinecrest Farmers' Market. Mango jam and dragon-fruit simple syrup add layers of brightness and depth to this daiquiri. The Daily/Nightly daiquiri takes the lime/sugar/rum interpretation loosely. We've been working on really nice recipes for falernum and orgeat, and this drink features both. Falernum has really interesting layers of aromatics, almond, and ginger, which help to make this drink crisp and unique."

So if any Miamians miss out on this special imbibing opportunity, will there be future chances?

"We are always looking for interesting partnerships to create new pop-up-type experiences," Alvarez says. "The Standard was a great fit for us, and we're thrilled to be here. We've got some fun things in the works for December."

Daily/Nightly Pop-Up. 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. November 16 through 18 at the Standard Spa, 40 Island Ave., Miami Beach; 305-673-1717; standardhotels.com.

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