La Bomba brings the wow factor with its explosive flavors and presentation.EXPAND
La Bomba brings the wow factor with its explosive flavors and presentation.
Courtesy of Toro Toro

The Five Most Epic Desserts in Miami

Miami isn’t just good at raising real-estate prices. The Magic City also happily raises the number on your waistline through a plenitude of dazzling desserts too good to pass up at the end — or beginning — of every meal.

But there are some sweet treats that stand taller than the rest. They're mind-blowing signature creations that can define a restaurant. From decadent chocolate spheres to classic carnival favorites, these five recipes are so over-the-top, so decadent, and so worth wearing stretchy pants that you won’t even notice the calories. So indulge! 

End your meal with the chef's sweetest selections at Baoli.EXPAND
End your meal with the chef's sweetest selections at Baoli.
Courtesy of Baoli Miami

5. Hangiri Golden Platter at Baoli
As an adult, you can splurge on dessert anytime you please without your parents watching your caloric intake or spending habits. Baoli lets you do both with its luxurious gourmet food menus, cocktail lists, and sinful desserts. Go wild with the Hangiri Golden Platter, priced at $95. The vibrant dessert smorgasbord will set you back a pretty penny, but rest assured you’re getting a selection of the finest exotic fruits and the sweetest treats — such as crème brûlée, matcha green tea tiramisu, and chocolate cake — handpicked by the chef. Don’t worry — no one will tell Mom.

This chocolate sphere of goodness is da bomb.EXPAND
This chocolate sphere of goodness is da bomb.
Courtesy of Toro Toro

4. La Bomba at Toro Toro
With its dark-wood embellishments, fine selection of pan-Latin dishes, and top toque Richard Sandoval at the helm, Toro Toro is more than just your average dining destination. It’s a celebration of creative cuisine and spirits shared in good company. The party continues throughout each course and ends with a literal bang: La Bomba ($20 to $35 depending upon the size). After spreading a clear plastic sheet over your table, a server dramatically drops a chocolate sphere containing dulce de leche and strawberry ice cream, fresh berries, cream cheese mousse, almond cookie crumbs, and edible flowers and then drizzles caramel, berry, and vanilla sauces over the chocolate shards and scattered contents. It's a grand finale like no other. 

The Fair satisfies all your carnival food cravings.
The Fair satisfies all your carnival food cravings.
Courtesy of The Dutch

3. The Fair at the Dutch 
Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition doesn't roll around till March, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fair-food fix year-round. Stop by the Dutch – the casual-chic American restaurant, bar, and oyster room inside the W Hotel South Beach — for pastry chef Josh Gripper’s elevated approach to carnival classics. For $14, you can indulge in dulce de leche doughnuts, sugary palmiers, crisp churros, and beloved funnel cake, all on one mouthwatering platter. This dessert experience wouldn’t be complete without a fiery sparkler to mark your memorable time at the fair — um, the Dutch. 

Dig into Barton G.'s sweet Chocolate Treasure.
Dig into Barton G.'s sweet Chocolate Treasure.
Courtesy of Barton G.

2. Chocolate Treasure at Barton G. 
Known for its flamboyant plate presentations that involve simple yet innovative American eats and exaggerated props, Barton G. brings the fun to fine dining. Start with the crispy rock popcorn shrimp ($21) for an appetizer, served inside an actual popcorn machine; then go for the seared samurai tuna ($41), complete with a huge samurai sword, for your main dish. Forgo Marie Antoinette’s colossal cotton candy head, and discover the Chocolate Treasure ($39), made for two to four people. A chocolate lover’s dream come true, Chocolate Treasure features a treasure chest overflowing with Valrhona double-chocolate bittersweet brownie, scoops of Tahitian vanilla crème fraîche ice cream, rich chocolate ganache, gold-dusted nuggets, and half-dollar chocolate coins. Cha-ching! You've hit the jackpot of desserts.

Sugar Factory's world-famous King Kong sundae is a show unto itself.EXPAND
Sugar Factory's world-famous King Kong sundae is a show unto itself.
Courtesy of Sugar Factory American Brasserie

1. King Kong Sundae at Sugar Factory
No epic-dessert roundup would be complete without something of colossal proportions courtesy of Sugar Factory, the high-end brasserie and retail store made famous by the Kardashians/Jenners, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and other celebrity clientele. Although the insane milkshakes — such as the Twinkie Dinkie ($20), Sugar Daddy cheesecake ($20 ), and bacon cheeseburger ($20) — and the chocolate gold fondue served with a bottle of 2002 Dom Pérignon for $1,000 were all very strong contenders, none compares to the behemoth of a dessert that is the King Kong sundae. Priced at $99 and created for 12 people (or a small village), this sweet extravaganza boasts 24 scoops of ice cream drenched in hot fudge, caramel, and strawberry sauces and then covered in toasted marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, bananas, gummy bears, Reese’s Pieces, white-chocolate strawberry shavings, crushed waffle cones, walnuts, and whipped cream. Towering lollipops and dazzling sparklers ensure you won't forget this monstrous treat.

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