Sneak Review: Zuma

An amuse bouche to keep you stimulated until the main review of Zuma gets served next week.

"...in Japanese-American restaurants, izakaya has come to mean simply the serving of small plates of food as they issue from the kitchen. Sounds like it could lead to a haphazard meal, but Becker (who trained in Japan) or his sous chef reassembles each order into a sensible progression (larger plates following smaller ones and so forth), and the waitstaff seamlessly shuffles old plates off the table and new plates onto it. The team operates like LeBron's Miami Heat will -- each worker seeming to know instinctively what the others are doing and thus what each needs to do to keep the flow constant. It is very NBA Zen."

Zuma Japanese Restaurant
270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami

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