Shake Shack Shakes Things Up With New "Fresh, Hand-Cut Fries"

First off, Shake Shack's pudgy, crinkle-cut fries were never the best. Sure, slathered in cheese sauce alongside the Shake Shack burger, they were palatable, but they weren't enjoyable -- munching on the too-fat fries just made it easier to justify ordering a second burger.

The crinkle-cut fries were like the first wife of a guy in the clutches of a midlife crisis; they had to go. Apparently enough folks thought the fries needed to be given the boot, because this past Wednesday, Shake Shack unveiled its new, fresh, and, yes, thinner fries at a media tasting for all the blogosphere to see.

Two years ago, chain employees went on a mission to replace the old fries, and during that time, they traveled across the Northwest looking for the ideal russets. They learned of a new system, one that involved cutting fresh potatoes instead of dumping frozen good-for-nothings out of a bag and into a deep fryer.

Though the process must have been arduous (imagine trying to keep up with those high-maintenance fries), it was worth it. The new, trophy fries are worthy of being driven around in a Ferrari -- or at least sharing a table with the delicious, award-winning Shake Shack burger.

So far the new fries are being paraded about in the Coral Gables and Boca Raton Shake Shack locations, as well as select restaurants in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, D.C., New Jersey, and Shake Shack's birthplace, New York.

Aside from the popular cheese sauce and the old standby ketchup, Shake Shack now offers malt vinegar for dipping your sticks. The old fries won't be missed, not one bit. The new fries are a definite improvement -- and they look way better in ketchup.

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