The men behind Uruguay's Parador La Huella are bringing their Latin concept to Miami.EXPAND
The men behind Uruguay's Parador La Huella are bringing their Latin concept to Miami.
Courtesy of Quinto La Huella

Quinto La Huella to Open in Brickell May 23

If you’ve been to Uruguay, you’ve probably heard of Parador La Huella, a beachside restaurant located in Maldonado. It's considered one of the best Latin American eateries, and the creators behind the famed concept are days away from opening Quinto La Huella, the first outpost of the Uruguayan sensation.

Set to debut May 23 inside Brickell City Centre East, Miami, Quinto La Huella will be the hotel’s signature restaurant, bringing a swank, Latin-inspired concept to downtown Miami.

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Brian Williams, managing director of Swire Hotels, says he had long searched for the perfect restaurant to incorporate with his East, Miami project. And for Martín Pittaluga, Gustavo Barbero, and Guzmán Artagaveytia — the men behind Parador La Huella — it was a perfect opportunity to finally expand.

“We had been approached many times before, but we really never had plans or interest in expanding,” Pittaluga says. “This opportunity was different. We simply felt that this project would be a unique challenge for us in a powerful and culturally rich city.”

At the forefront of its Miami outpost is executive chef Nano Crespo, along with Parador La Huella’s executive chef Alejandro Morales and executive pastry chef Florencia Courreges, who will help bring the restaurant’s South American vibe to the Miami outpost. Before taking the job at East, Miami, Crespo was responsible for Soho House’s West Hollywood, Toronto, and Chicago culinary operations.

Nano Crespo will helm Brickell's Quinto La Huella.EXPAND
Nano Crespo will helm Brickell's Quinto La Huella.
Courtesy of Quinto La Huella

"The menu, service style, and quality of ingredients are all inspired by Parador La Huella, but not copied," Crespo says. "Quinto La Huella will have a style of its own which embraces Miami in a unique and different way. The intention of Quinto La Huella will be to always have roots and spirit from Parador La Huella, but with time, it will grow its own personality."

The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night bites, bringing an eclectic blend of South American dishes cooked over an open flame. Many of its offerings will be made using a parrilla, a large slab of blackened steel used to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. Expect plates such as entrecot (rib eye), arroz negro (squid ink and shrimp rice), and mollejas, which are warm and airy sweetbreads, all cooked on the parrilla.

"What we are bringing [with Quinto La Huella] is not in Miami yet," Crespo says. "You might find a restaurant using a similar type of parrilla or wood-burning cooking method, but we have taken the concept to a whole new level. A typical parilla restaurant only cooks meat, but our entire food concept revolves around the parrilla and offers a vast variety from land and sea."

Quinto La Huella to Open in Brickell May 23 (2)EXPAND
Courtesy of Quinto La Huella

The full-service kitchen will serve favorites from Parador La Huella, along with specially made creations for the Miami location. Menu offerings include milanesas, lightly breaded steak which is fried until golden brown; langostinos al horno, or oven-roasted shrimp with curried potatoes and spinach; and crudo siciliano, a fresh fish tartare with capers and fresh herbs.

There will be in-house handcrafted desserts by pastry chef Courreges, who is known in Uruguay for her volcán de dulce de leche, a warm cake that oozes the sweet syrup when eaten.

Volcán de dulce de leche
Volcán de dulce de leche
Courtesy of Quinto La Huella

"We are a group that works collectively to develop a concept where the restaurant is a way of feeling," Crespo says. "Food, beverage, music, and atmosphere are all parts of a unit. The experience will be total and natural, a place to come every day."

The restaurant will offer more than 350 seats in a 9,700-square-foot space. There will be indoor and outdoor seating, along with a central bar. The restaurant has begun accepting reservations. It will be open Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m., Friday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., and Sunday from 6:30 a.m. to midnight.

For more information, visit quintolahuella.com or call 305-712-7000.

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