Original Yeung's Chinese Restaurant Reopens on Miami Beach

Chinese food lovers rejoice! Yeung's Chinese has reopened in its original location on 41st Street (across the way from KFC). This casual Chinese spot first launched in 1982 and served locals lo mein and spring rolls long before Philippe, Mr. Chow and Hakkasan ever thought about coming to our shores. However, two years ago, the owners relocated to 71st Street to the former Fu Man Chu space under a new name, East Ocean. Since then, Miami Beach has been inundated with upscale, gourmet, fancy, trendy Chinese restaurants.

Thankfully, Yeung's has sprung up at the mouth of the Julia Tuttle Causeway, once again providing the neighborhood with an affordable Chinese joint. There are the requisite dishes spanning chicken wings, egg drop soup, chicken with broccoli, sesame chicken, orange peel beef, mu shu pork, chicken fried rice, Peking duck, sautéed string beans and pan fried noodles. The Cantonese cuisine is reasonably priced with appetizers hovering in the $5 range, and entrees from $9 to $14.

Yeung's still has no atmosphere to speak of, so Short Order suggests foregoing the sparse dining room for takeout or delivery. They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Management of the "new" Yeung's has stressed that there is no connection between this spot at East Ocean.

Yeung's Chinese
954 41st St., Miami Beach

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