Miami's First Doughnut Festival: Donut Divas, Bunnie Cakes, Beaker & Gray, and Others

We're only three months in, but it's already clear that 2016 is the year of the doughnut. From the Salty Donut's Wynwood takeover and Velvet Creme's revival to new concepts such as Fireman Derek's doughnuts and Honeybee's, Miami's addiction to the hole-in-a-dough confection continues to grow stronger. Now there's a festival to prove it.

On March 31, nearly a dozen of South Florida's favorite doughnut and dessert shops will unite at the Wynwood Yard for an evening of doughnuts, coffee, booze, and more doughnuts. 

Donuts!, presented by Vine Communications, is Miami's first, and so far only, doughnut festival. Vine cofounder and partner Nikki Deas says the inspiration for Donuts! came from the company's own in-house love of doughnuts and wanting to highlight Miami's growing sweets scene. 

"We’re a little doughnut-obsessed at Vine, but honestly, who isn’t obsessed with doughnuts?" she says. "They’re fun, they’re accessible, you can eat them on the go, they go great with coffee, they appeal to all ages, shapes, and sizes. So the idea really came from a desire to create an event that celebrates the joy doughnuts bring, as well as the chefs and shops that are elevating this timeless classic."
Expect samplings from shops spanning Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, including Beaker & GrayBunnie Cakes, and Donut Divas. Concrete Beach Brewery, Elephantea, Neuro Drinks, Voss, and Dunkin’ Donuts will serve everything from beers to coffee and tea. 

"Miami’s food scene is on the map, and we want to be a part of showcasing the talent that exists in our hometown," Deas says. "A lot of our participants are keeping what they’re making under wraps, which makes Donuts! that much more exciting."
Die-hard craft-doughnut enthusiasts might wonder why the Salty Donut isn't listed. According to cofounder Andy Rodriguez, Thursday is a crucial preparation day for the Salty Donut's three-day weekend pop-up, making it too hectic to produce additional doughnuts that day for the festival.

And for those curious as to why Vine doesn't use the traditional spelling of "doughnut" for the fest's name, Deas thinks "donut" looks more appetizing. "No, seriously, we love doughnuts whether the 'ugh' is included or not," she says. "We just think our spelling is simpler, and 'donut' has been used for decades, so I think we’re good."

7 to 10 p.m. Thursday, March 31, at the Wynwood Yard. General admission costs $25 and includes unlimited doughnuts and two beer tickets; VIP tickets cost $45 and include entrance at 6 p.m. and an open bar. Ages 21 and over.  For more information, call 305-447–8678. To purchase tickets, visit

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