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John Martin's Irish Pub Introduces the Burger Beast Menu is a first-person eater, as in Sef Gonzalez (not to be mistaken with Australian murderer Sef Gonzales) blogging his way across every burger he eats. Last night John Martin's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Coral Gables introduced the Burger Beast menu.

General Manager Cristina Moguel says "Sef's a regular. His first time in, he said he was gonna try every burger on the menu, and some sides. Then one day he called and said 'look, you have a mean selection, but here's what's missing.' He had a dream. All we did was put it all together."

Burger Beast Sef says "I got the idea when some chowhounders had a pizza crawl. I suggested a burger crawl, but some of them just thought it was way too much beef to consume in one sitting, so I got in touch with Cristy and we set this up.

My perfect burger is a half pounder with cheddar, swiss and mayo. I like food to look devastatingly beautiful. I'm not too preoccupied with bread to tell you the truth."

The first item on the Beast Menu is the WTF Burger, a 12 oz. triple stack, jalapeño, thousand island, double cheese, tomato, avocado, crispy onion, garlic mayo, bacon monster that clocks in at a wholloping $15.50, damn John Martin's use cheaper meat or something.

Kitchen worker Laura, co-owner John Slarke's daughter, helped execute the Beast's vision. She says, "There was so much stuff, it was like, 'what the fuck?' That's how the name came about."

Here are some kitchen pictures for the building of the Family O' Four (hot patty, black and blue, french buns, and bbq) sliders plate, $12.
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