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Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race Filming Finale in Miami

Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race is filming a big finale this weekend all over the streets of Miami and we all get to participate!

Basically a giant scavenger hunt with food trucks, The Great Food Truck Race is down to two final trucks, which we learned, have been parked at The Fish Box's garage while the owners have been partying down with Fish Box owner David Garcia while awaiting their instructions and filming schedules.
The trucks in the finals are:

Hodge Podge hails from Cleveland, OH, where Chef Chris Hodgson serves up Certified Angus beef as affordable street food, like prime rib tacos, steak filet with mac n' cheese and the Hodge Podge Dog, an all-beef hot dog topped with tater tots, bacon and cabbage slaw. (@hodgepodgetruck)

The Lime Truck rolls to Miami all the way from Irvine, California.  Chef Jason Quinn cooks an eclectic mix of fare like Ahi Tuna Poke and Hanger Steak Tacos. (@thelimetruck)

The goal this weekend (with a few twists) is for each truck to serve as much food as they possibly can in a city where they don't have followers.

In the past, the producers have changed their menus, given them roadblocks and probably tortured them to no end, but this is the last stop before one of these trucks are declared the winner and the proud owners get bragging rights (and $100,000).

Here's where Miami food truck fans get to play the game. Starting today, both food trucks will be out and about on the streets of Miami. They can't use their own social media (Twitter), but have to rely on others to tweet their whereabouts. They can call us. So...

Short Order will Tweet locations as we receive them and post on Facebook. Follow Short Order on Twitter and Short Order on Facebook for moment to moment updates (if you find either truck out on the street, tweet us ASAP and share your food experiences), then go and eat at your favorite truck. You might be on TV -- you'll certainly enjoy the food!

Meanwhile, The Miami Lakes Street Food Fiesta is tonight at Miami Lakes Auto Mall. From 5:30 to 10 p.m., trucks will serve dinner (who knows, maybe we'll get surprise guests from out of town). Trucks scheduled are Aarons Catering Express, B.C. Tacos, Big Kahuna, Catered Bliss, CheeseMe, Chef on 4 Wheels, Chef on Wheels, ChurroMania, Daddy's Grill, Dim Ssam a Gogo, Divan Bakery, Dog Eat Dog, Dolci Peccati, The Fish Box, The Flying saucer, The Frita Man, gastroPod, Grill Master Cafe, Jefe's Fish Taco, Kona Ice, Latin Burger, Latin House Grill, The MexZican, Miso Hungry, Mr. Good Stuff, Ms. Cheezious, Muscle Truck, Nacho Mama, PopBurger Love/Chocolate Love, Purple People Eatery, The Red Koi, The Red Truck, El Rey De Las Fritas, The Rolling Stove, Sir Pizza, Slow Food Truck, Snow Caps, Sugar Rush, Sugar Yummy Mama.

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Laine Doss is the food and spirits editor for Miami New Times. She has been featured on Cooking Channel's Eat Street and Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. She won an Alternative Weekly award for her feature about what it's like to wait tables.
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