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Coconut Mango Tart from Executive Pastry Chef Charles Froke, Four Seasons Hotel Miami

You know a guy means business about desserts when he signs his emails "Confectionarily."  That's Exec. Pastry Chef Charles Froke for you, and he's giving us a sneak peak of his unique creation for this Sunday's Mango Brunch at Fairchild (which now appears to be sold out according to its website!)  From ginger bread towers after Miami landmarks to competition-level spun

sugar sculptures

, this CIA grad commands the pastry brigade at the Four Seasons Hotel on Brickell, and its main restaurant, Acqua. 

"I just came up with the dish on my own," explains Froke.  "I wanted tropical flair for this tart. So I combined mango (of course) passionfruit and banana for the mousse and a coconut pate that go well together."

This is the first time the tart has been seen or used anywhere, he adds.

"I will put it on the menu if the response is good. We will let the people decide if it's menu worthy!"

Do you dare try your hand at this masterpiece?  For those bold enough to accept the challange, here's your roadmap:

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Use store bought shell (graham or shortbread dough)

Coconut (unsweet)    1 ½ cup
Water            ¼ cup
Sugar            1 cup
Corn syrup        ½ cup
Heavy cream        ½ cup
1-Place all ingredients into a pot and place on low heat.
2-Constantly stir mix until the mix starts to stick together about 5 minutes
3-Empty onto parchment paper to cool
4-Place another piece of parchment on top and use a rolling pin to roll mix out to about ¼ of an inch thick
5-Freeze and cut out rounds that are slightly smaller that the tart shell.

Mango puree        2 cups
Meringue        ¼ cup
Sugar        ¼ cup
Water        2 tablespoons
Egg white    ½ cup
Whipped Cream    1 ½ cup
Gelatin            2 tablespoons

1-Make the meringue first by combining water and sugar in a pot.
2-Cook sugar to 240 degrees Fahrenheit
3-Put whites in a mixing bowl with a whip attachment. Whip until frothy
4-Slowly pour hot sugar into whites while mixer is running and then place mixer on high until mixture cools
5-Sligtly warm the puree and mix in the gelatin
6-Fold in meringue
7-Fold in whipped cream
8-Pour into desired mold and freeze

1-Place coconut pate into tart shell
2-Place mango mousse on top of pate in center of tart
3-Use a melon baller to cut out center of strawberry making small balls. Place around tart.

Four Seasons Hotel Miami
1435 Brickell Ave.
(305) 358-3535‎

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.