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Cocktail Waitress Lucy Wolvert Works At LIV on Miami Beach and Dates George Clooney

In restaurant news, Lucy Wolvert, who met George Clooney while he was filming his new movie "Up In The Air," and she was a cocktail waitress, is reportedly considering a move to Los Angeles to be closer to the actor.

The China Daily reports that Clooney has been flying to Miami every weekend to visit Lucy.

Lucy Wolvert's protected twitter account says she works in the marketing department at LIV in the Fontainbleau.

Does she still know how to serve booze? How will the Fontainebleau ever replace her? Are there any more aspiring models on South Beach who can fill her role as a cocktail waitress?  What is a cocktail waitress?

According to wikipedia: "A cocktail waitress is a type of server who specializes in bringing drinks to patrons of bars, casinos, comedy clubs, live music venues and other drinking establishments."

So there you have it. Short Order uses the definition for cocktail waitress as a convenient means of attracting you suckas, I mean readers, to the blog.

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