Remains of 100 People, Including Brains and Lungs, Found in Florida Storage Unit

You know that show Storage Wars where people bid on the contents of unpaid storage units? Well, imagine a situation like that, except the winning bidder finds out he's bought a storage unit that contains the remains -- including hearts, lungs, and 10 brains -- that had belonged to over 100 people. Yes, it actually happened up in Pensacola.

The discovery was made Friday after the contents of a storage unit that once belonged to Michael Berkland was sold at auction at Uncle Bob's Storage. According to The Pensacola News Journal, the man who bought the contents soon discovered the ghastly contents which included organs and tissue samples that had belonged to over 100 people. He contacted the owner storage facility, and police were notified.

Berkland had worked for the local Medical Examiners Officer in from 1997 until 2003, but was fired for incompetence. He then went on to perform private autopsies at funeral homes in Panama City.

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The remains date back from 1997 to 2007.

"It's a horrible thing to know that your uncle's brain is setting in some storage shed that got sold at an auction," Medical Examiner Dr. Andi Minyard told the News Journal.

Indeed, a mind is a horrible thing to waste away in some creepy ex-medical examiner's storage unit.

While many of the remains were labeled with names, several of the brains were unlabeled. Minyard's office now has the difficult task of trying to identify them and notifying families.

No charges have been filed against Berkland yet, but the State Attorney's Office is investigating.

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