One of the First Miami-Dade Babies of 2012 Was Born After Her Mom Tried to Run Down a Thief

It figures that one of the first babies born in 2012 in Miami-Dade came into the world three weeks early because of a petty theft.

Ana Johana Irias, 26, was using an ATM near Northwest 36th Street and 13th Avenue when a teenager drove by on a bike and snatched her $800 gold necklace from around her neck. Despite being more than eight months pregnant, Irias decided to chase down the crook.

"My first reaction was just jump in the car and chase him," Irias told Local 10. "It might have been dumb going after him but it was just impulse. I wasn't thinking."

Irias apparently went with her second instinct and decided just to chase the teen on foot. The crook eventually escaped by hoping over a fence, and Irias immediately began to feel sick.

Police convinced Irias to get checked out at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Doctors there discovered that she was in labor, and shortly after the new year came, at 12:15 to be exact, Irias gave birth to 6-pound, 6-ounce baby girl named Kimberly. Despite coming into the world a little earlier than expected, the baby is perfectly healthy.

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