Miami's Most Infamous Seductress, Subhanna Beyah, Arrested Again for Stealing Man's Rolex

If you hear a story about a South Florida woman seducing a man and making off with his Rolex, there's a chance Subhanna Beyah was involved. She's been charged with several similar crimes in the past but has somehow avoided jail time. In fact, it was just this past January when she received her latest prison-free sentence. 

Well, police say Beyah was back at it again. She was just arrested again by Miami Police. 

According to officers, on April 9, Beyah and a friend were leaving a club between 6 and 7 in the morning. While waiting for a car service, the two women met two men, and the foursome decided to keep the party going at one of the men's place. 

The group stopped once for condoms and then for beer, because, as the release states, "the women assured them they were definitely going to engage in sexual intercourse." 

They wound up at Victim #1's Brickell apartment, at 145 SW 13th St., but Victim #2 began to feel uneasy about the situation and bailed. 

Victim #1 decided to keep it going and drank a beer, but it turns out there might have been more than hops in the drink. He lost consciousness. When he awoke, his Rolex was gone. 

Police identified and arrested Beyah but are still on the lookout for the second woman (pictured in the blue-and-green top above). Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305 471-TIPS (8477). 

Of course, this isn't the first time Beyah has been implicated in a similar crime. 

In fact, she was the ringleader of a group of foxy female thieves New Times chronicled in 2014. The group was alleged to have stolen millions from a group of victims that included an NFL player, yet the women never received any prison time for the scheme. 

In her most recent courtroom appearance, in Broward County, Beyah was able to sidestep a prison sentence after repaying $20,000 to the victim. Instead, she received five years of probation and was ordered to complete five hours of community service a month. The defense also pointed out that Beyah had been a victim of sex trafficking as a teenager. 

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