Gawker Officially Declares Wynwood Miami's Williamsburg

This shouldn't be much a surprise to anyone, but, yes, Wynwood is Miami's closest equivalent to Brooklyn's formerly hip, currently over-gentrified Williamsburg neighborhood, and a big New York City website says so.

Gawker recently asked its readers what the Williamsburg equivalent was in their city.

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"I'm looking for the neighborhoods in your city where the self-consciously arty creative-class would-be bohemians congregate," wrote Gawker blogger Max Read. "Williamsburg went from a lower-middle and working-class immigrant neighborhood to a refuge for artists priced out of Manhattan to an expensive alt-yuppie neighborhood--it used to be the neighborhood where the cool young arty kids went; now it's the neighborhood where the rich old arty kids go (and live)."

Wynwood, of course, went from lower-middle class, Puerto Rican neighborhood to art-gallery mecca to place where there are banks with fucking lasers and Beyoncé-approved pizza joints. That's not to mention the Ducati dealership. So it's no surprise Gawker readers decided it fit the mold perfectly.

Though, Read also wanted to identify each city's "Buschwick," or "where the cool young arty kids go and live now; it's somewhere on the back end of the "cheap artist refuge" stage of gentrifying neighborhoods."

Apparently in Miami that's "Little Haiti," which seems about right. Of course, punk paradise Churchill's Pub has been there for years, and Sweat Records has been next door for some time now. A lot of "Wynwood" artists have actually lived there for years, too.

However, the art galleries themselves haven't quite made the move. Many of them have found themselves priced out of Wynwood are now moving to NW Seventh Avenue in the West-of-Wynwood area.

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