Florida Teens Attack Nail Tech With Taser After Not Paying for Acrylic Nails

Nails done. Hair done. Everything did. But apparently not everything's paid for.

Three teen girls, aged between 15 and 17, decided to skip out on the bill after getting manicures at an Orlando-area nail salon. A nail tech chased after them, but one of the girls pulled a pink Taser out of her purse and stunned the man.

The incident occurred last Thursday at MD Nails in Orlando. The three girls came in and each got a new set of acrylics. Each manicure cost about $60 (not including tip), but when it came time to pay up the girls decided to flee.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, nail tech Ty Nguyen tried to chase after the girls, but one of them pulled out a pink Taser and stunned him.

The shock didn't deter Nguyen for long. He took pictures of the suspects and hopped in his car to follow them to an apartment complex.

He then called police. They showed a property manager at the complex a picture of the girls and she was able to identify them.

The girls, who by that time were hiding in an apartment with several friends, refused to open the door. After 20 minutes, an adult resident with a key finally showed up and let police in.

One of the girls explained that she "did not pay for her manicure because someone else was supposed to pay." She also said, "I didn't Tase anyone!"

However, police did find and confiscate a Taser.

The three are charged with aggravated battery with a weapon, resisting a merchant, and petty theft.

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