The Two Sides of Johnny the Boy

If you've partied on South Beach, you've heard of Johnny the Boy or at least have heard him spin. The man is everywhere: Rokbar, Shore Club, Florida Room, Mokai -- really we could go on forever. He got his start in Miami's underground dance scene at parties like Revolver and Damaged (remember those?)

Well, if you want to give the Boy a listen, he's got two mixes up, I Love Johnny the Boy and I Hate Johnny the Boy. He mentions that the Love side is for "fashionistas" and the Hate side is for the "clubbers." In reality, we feel each side shows the musical dichotomy a lot of South Beach DJs find themselves in -- they got to make a living but they don't always love everything they are required to play.

His Love side is more progressive, something you'd hear in the downtown clubs, while his Hate side is the top-40 stuff you expect to hear on South Beach -- guess which side we can't stop listening to?

You can also catch Johnny Saturday, April 10 at Coco De Ville (2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) when he celebrates the release of the double-sided mix.

MP3: I Love Johnny the Boy
MP3: I Hate Johnny the Boy

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