Stonefox and Monty Warren Play Swampgrass Willy's on July 4

Ready for some proselytizing? Stonefox is one of the current saviors of South Florida rock. That's a lot to heap on a trio of guys in their early twenties, but this Boca- and Lauderdale-based band has clearly digested the gospel of rollicking, psychedelic, bluesy, rock and fucking roll. Lots of bands claim Led Zeppelin as an influence; Stonefox sounds as though it's channeled Led Zeppelin in a seance and become clearly possessed.

But the guys have also got the rest of music history on their side. The band's wall-rattling sound is infused with the fuck-it-all attitude of proto-punk, and frontman Jordan could probably hold his own in a snarling contest with Iggy Pop and the MC5's Wayne Kramer. Really. Effusive praise, maybe, but it's well-deserved. The band's currently preparing for the CD release parties for its second album, Back on the Wire. And when that comes out, you will testify.

Stonefox. With Monty Warren. Saturday, July 4. Swampgrass Willy's, 9910 Alt. A1A, Palm Beach Gardens. Show starts at 10 p.m., tickets cost $5. Ages 21+ with ID. 561-625-1555; myspace.com/swampgrasswillys

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