Poll: Did John Lennon Deserve to Be Shot?

Mel Gibson's an angry motherfucker.

Hollywood's anti-Semitic Christ crusader seemingly hates everything from Israel to his former girlfriend Oksana Gregorieva to positive press. But to say John Lennon "deserved to be shot" ... That's crossing the line, Mad Max.

Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas is accusing Gibson of making some disturbing comments while working together on a scrapped project about Jewish heroism, The Maccabees.

The Wrap has obtained Eszterhas's nine-page letter to Mel Gibson, highlighting the washed-up actor's temper tantrums and disdain for The Beatles.

According to Eszterhas, Gibson threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, gloating about his ties to former FBI agents who would help him off her.

"No one will ever know," Gibson would say, when referring to Gregorieva's hypothetical death.

In addition to calling Jewish people "Hebes" and saying that the Holocaust is "mostly a lot of horseshit," Gibson also allegedly told Eszterhas that John Lennon was "fucking messianic" and deserved to die.

"I'm glad [Lennon's] dead. He deserved to be shot."

Has Mel Gibson lost his fucking mind? Say what you will about Some Time in New York City, but John Lennon means more to music and life than Gibson's shitty films will ever mean to cinematic history.

And furthermore, nobody deserves to die, right?

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