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Pitbull’s Masterclass, a TV Show “About Living Life to the Fullest”

He wants to be the new Dick Clark, papo. Once just a Cuban kid off la esquina, Armando Christian Pérez became Pitbull, then Mr. 305, then Mr. Worldwide. And like anyone from Little Havan, the guy is always on his hustle. So far, he has notched ten Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. He has sold millions of records. He has peddled low-calorie Voli Vodka, Sheets Energy Strips, and gold “DALE sunglasses." He has even made a play at fast-food riches by purchasing an equity stake in Miami Subs.  But still, Pit insists: No pare la fiesta plan de negocios. And his latest ploy seems to be securing his spot as the U.S.A.’s favorite Spanglish-speaking television personality and producer.

For the last two years, Pitbull has hosted the American Music Awards (a show produced, incidentally, by Dick Clark Productions) and he hasn’t even thought about dialing down his Pitbull-ness, dropping immigration and weed jokes, making funny faces at big famous booties, and talking to America in Cubonics. He’s done the same with Pitbull's New Year's Revolution, an end-of-the-year fiesta broadcasting all across los Estados Unidos from Miami on Fox.

The next phase of Dat Lil’ Chico's TV scheme: Masterclass, "an original series about living life to the fullest and not being afraid of trying new things.” It will be the newest Pitbull-produced show from Endemol Beyond USA, the North American digital-content division of global television firm Endemol Shine Group. Unfortunately, the Cubano rapper won’t be hosting Masterclass. Instead, “the series features male and female hosts getting schooled by experts in a wide-range of fields including welding, surviving in the wilderness, knife-making, and dancing.” (Too bad that Pitbull has apparently already mastered "welding, surviving in the wilderness, knife-making, and dancing," because we’d love to watch Pit repair a busted sewage pipe with a blowtorch or eat grubs in the Everglades.) 

Meanwhile, he is also set to produce another Endemol reality show, Pitbull Presents, which will "introduce the audience to people who play a profound role in Pitbull’s everyday life including a chef, an audio engineer, a b-boy dancer, an artist, and more.”

Like his existing series, Gentleman’s Code and The Most Bad Ones, Pit’s Masterclass and Pitbull Presents will be broadcast via Endemol Beyond USA’s digital networks to Smart TVs in "la saguesera, Westchester, la Pequeña Habana, Opa-Locka, Hialeah,” and all around the world.

The shows are "slated to launch in 2015"! Daleee!
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S. Pajot